Information Technology

Consequently our clients have the assurance of knowing that they have experts working hard on their behalf. Hard work and a never accept defeat attitude are bedrock principles at Edison Pope.

Our commitment to these concepts convinced us to name our company Edison Pope, after Thomas EDISON (Inventor of many things including the light bulb) and Vince ‘THE POPE’ Lombardi (One of the greatest NFL coaches of all time). Both achieved great things in very different areas but with a similar disciplined approach. An approach we all adopt at Edison Pope. Hard work and determination achieves goals. Simple really.

Well it sounds simple, but over the years we believe this has been forgotten by some in our industry, with too many people cutting corners or wanting shortcuts to success, always to the detriment of the service they’re offering.

At Edison Pope, we know the only route to excellent customer service is through communication, expert market knowledge, a keen eye and hard work. To top it off we’re nice people to deal with – a friendly service can go hand in hand with market-beating professionalism!

We are an innovative and vibrant company always looking for ways to improve our service. We specialise in the supply of qualified technical professionals into permanent and contract positions within niche IT markets.

Edison Pope shines a light (pun intended) on an industry we believe can offer so much more. With over 15 years industry experience as customers (yes, we know what it feels like too) and suppliers offering tailored recruitment solutions to companies and organisations of all sizes in the public and private sectors.